Welcome to Medea Park Residential Care.

About Us


Our caring philosophy is grounded within the values of compassion and excellence in our all services, and goodwill to the community we serve.

The recipients of our care are always our prime focus.

We strive to be a family orientated organisation that provides a warm, loving and happy environment for our residents and community care recipients, and we encourage their kin and friends to participate as fully as possible in all our activities.

We also welcome the involvement of external organisations and volunteers in interacting with us to help provide our members with quality care, and to help develop and grow the organisation.


The objectives of Medea Park Association Incorporated are to:

Provide a safe environment that is pleasant, comfortable and friendly, in which our residents can feel safe, secure, relaxed and at home;

Provide health care of the highest standard that maintains and improves health status and quality of life, and meets the individual needs of our residents and community care recipients;

Encourage all residents to maintain contact with relatives and friends and other social networks, and assist them by providing flexible visiting hours, helping with telephone calls and letter writing, and access to community activities;

Provide residents with freedom of movement inside and outside Medea Park unless their own safety or the safety of others is at risk;

Make available a variety of activities that meet the interest and abilities of each resident in order to promote a sense of achievement and increased self esteem;

Ensure that the facility and its equipment is safe and in good working order so as to protect our residents and staff from accident, injury or trespass.

Honour the right of each resident in regard to their privacy and personal space, and maintain confidentiality of information in all aspects of care;

Acknowledge and value our staff, and provide opportunities for them to contribute to decision making within the organisation;

Provide and encourage appropriate education and training for staff to increase their knowledge and skills to care for our resident’s needs;

Acknowledge and develop the important and valued role of volunteers within Medea Park


Medea Park Residential Care maintains high standards of care at all times and is well known for its warm and caring environment, which is based on its strong emphasis to provide best quality of care for its residents.

The facility endeavours to provide a secure, happy and loving environment in which the residents can enjoy, to the maximum of their abilities, the latter years of their lives.

It is necessary for all prospective residents to be assessed and approved by the Aged Care Assessment Team, prior to admission.

Information concerning admission can be obtained from the Director of Nursing/General Manager – an appointment to sicss these matters will be necessary.

Life at Medea Park Residential Care can be as exciting and pleasant as you yourself make it. You can find companionship and activities that suit your needs.


to provide a caring, friendly, home-like environment, where every residents individuality and family are respected and where staff, volunteers and community are valued for their contribution.


Our vision is to be a well-recognised and respected provider of care in the Break O’Day and surrounding community.


We are a community based not for profit organisation, pursuing excellence in care.

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Medea Park Residential Care

17 Circassian Street

St Helens TAS 7216

Phone: (03) 6376 1355

Fax: (03) 6376 2006

Email: info@medeapark.org.au

Acting CEO – Deb Austen

Activities Co-ordinator

Home Care Co-ordinator

Maintenance Manager – Jed Kelly