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Residential Care

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Residential Care.

Medea Park is a spacious facility located on the East Coast. Set on the skits of Medea Cove it has a large central garden. Medea Park is light, open and airy with a homely atmosphere, built on one accessible level with comfortable, quality furnished rooms.

You’ll have access to a range of inviting indoor and outdoor spaces, including relaxing lounges, living areas, sunny courtyards and a secure garden. You can take full advantage of the Medea Park’s hairdressing salon, activities rooms, excellent on-site catering and a focus on hospitality means you’ll have a choice of delicious, freshly prepared meals each day. Our dining areas and lounges and Café Coco are the perfect place to meet with friends and loved ones and share a cup of tea. Our home-like atmosphere also extends to pets, which are always welcome at Medea Park.

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Medea Park Residential is a 55 bed facility, offering a high standard of care at all times and is well known for its warm and caring environment. Medea Park put a strong emphasis on providing the best quality of care for all its Residents.

The facility endeavours to provide a secure, happy and loving environment in which the Residents can enjoy, to the maximum of their abilities, the latter years of their lives. It is necessary for all prospective Residents to be assessed and approved by the Aged Care Assessment Team prior to admission.

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Cost of Accommodation.

A new resident is required to pay for their accommodation under the means test, they have up to 28 days after entering an aged care home to decide whether to pay a lump sum refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), a daily accommodation payment (‘DAP’), or a combination of both. If a RAD is chosen, the resident has up to six months after entry to pay it. This gives the resident time to sell assets (if required) in order to help fund the payment. In the interim, a DAP is paid. The DAP equivalent of the quoted RAD will be calculated using a rate up to the maximum permissible interest rate.  The resident will have the option of funding any DAP payable, from the RAD that they have paid to the provider. In this case, the provider will likely increase the DAP by an amount that compensates for the impact of the decreasing RAD balance.

The maximum amount of the RAD a resident can be asked to pay must leave the resident with at least the minimum permissible asset level, which is calculated as 2.25 times (rounded to the nearest $500) the basic single age pension rate at the time of entry. A RAD is fully refundable (except to the extent where any DAP amounts have been deducted from the RAD at the request of the resident) upon exit from the home, either payable to the individual or their estate when probate is received.

Fees & Charges.

Aged care homes charge residents a basic daily fee as a contribution towards day-to-day living expenses such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. This fee is not means tested.

For new residents, the maximum basic daily fee that can be charged is set at 85% of the single basic aged pension rate. The basic daily fee increases on 20th March and 20th September each year in line with increases in the age pension rate.

Means Tested.

The Government determines if a resident is required to contribute towards the cost of either their accommodation or ongoing health care needs. This is determined by a means test assessment of both their assets and income.

There is a calculator available on the My Aged Care website that can provide an estimate of the ‘means tested’ care fee payable by an individual entering an aged care facility. This calculator is available here.

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Our Services

Interested? We’d be happy to show you around.

We strive to provide a secure, happy and loving environment in which all our residents can enjoy, to the maximum of their abilities, the latter years of their lives.

If you want to take a look at our facilities and have a tour around Medea Park, please get in touch.

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